Top High Net Worth Advisors in New York

FinanceHQ’s team of experts conducted thorough research on financial advisors that cater to high net worth clients in New York. Below are some of the top financial advisors based on reputation, reviews, assets, and partnership status. We review a broad range of financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and more. Our selection of the best high net worth financial advisors in the state of NY range from $30,000,000 to $2,700,000,000 in AUM, and have an average of 11 years of experience.

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Last Updated: November 29, 2023
Ritholtz wealth management logo

Ritholtz Wealth Management

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About Ritholtz Wealth Management

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,700,000,000In Business Since: 2013

Ritholtz Wealth Management is a New York-based financial advisor company founded in 2013. They specialize in wealth management, behavioral investment counseling, holistic financial planning, portfolio construction, risk management, market-driven investment, and client education. Their approach focuses on simplifying complexity, developing globally diversified, low-cost portfolios, and guiding high-net-worth clients toward rational investment decisions, emphasizing the importance of investing in markets as they are.

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Cobblestone capital advisors logo

Cobblestone Capital Advisors

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About Cobblestone Capital Advisors

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,253,449,018Total Number of Advisors: 22In Business Since: 1986

Cobblestone Capital Advisors is a well-established investment advisory firm founded in 1986 and headquartered in Rochester. With over $2 billion in assets under management, they serve a diverse client base of individuals, families, and institutions in New York. Their expertise lies in investment management, wealth management, private investments, and family office services. They offer comprehensive solutions to help high-net-wroth clients build, preserve, and grow their wealth while acting as independent fiduciaries.

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Courier capital advisor logo

Courier Capital

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About Courier Capital

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,898,011,510Total Number of Advisors: 12In Business Since: 1967

Courier Capital is a prominent independent investment advisory firm headquartered in Buffalo. With over five decades of experience, they specialize in retirement planning, investment management, and investment planning. Their comprehensive services include custom investment management, investment consulting services, and 401(k)/retirement plans, catering to high-net-worth clients in New York.

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Howe and rusling inc logo

Howe & Rusling, Inc.

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About Howe & Rusling, Inc.

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,460,434,355Total Number of Advisors: 17In Business Since: 1930

Howe & Rusling, Inc. is a seasoned and woman-owned registered investment advisor (RIA) founded in 1930. Headquartered in Rochester and assisting high-net-worth clients in New York, they specialize in wealth management, investment management, stocks, bonds, and ETFs. As fiduciaries, they prioritize their clients' best interests, offering a fee-only structure to ensure transparency and align their success with their affluent clients.

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Forte capital logo

Forté Capital LLC

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About Forté Capital LLC

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,139,537,472Total Number of Advisors: 5In Business Since: 1996

Forté Capital LLC is a wealth management firm based in Rochester. Founded in 1996, they specialize in providing holistic financial services to clients in New York. Their areas of expertise include wealth management and 401(k) plan management, and they operate under a strict fiduciary standard to ensure affluent clients' interests are prioritized.

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Atlas private wealth management logo

Atlas Private Wealth Management

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About Atlas Private Wealth Management

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,112,214,738Total Number of Advisors: 17In Business Since: 1996

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Albany, Atlas Private Wealth Management is a financial advisor company that works with clients in New York. They specialize in financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and retirement plan services. Guided by the principle of building successful, enduring relationships based on mutual trust, they prioritize ongoing client education to provide a supportive partnership on life's financial journey.

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Eagle strategies logo

Eagle Strategies

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About Eagle Strategies

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $892,233,633Total Number of Advisors: 1,885In Business Since: 1994

Eagle Strategies, a New York Life Insurance Company subsidiary, is a registered investment adviser (RIA) based in New York City. Founded in 1994, they specialize in financial planning and charitable investing, offering clients a comprehensive suite of financial solutions. With over 90 investment professionals, their financial advisors work closely with clients to construct tailored strategies that evolve with changing circumstances while maintaining a commitment to trust and mirroring the values of their parent company, New York Life.

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Sterling investment counsel logo

Sterling Investment Counsel

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About Sterling Investment Counsel

High Net Worth Advisors in NYInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $543,606,529Total Number of Advisors: 8In Business Since: 2016

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Buffalo, Sterling Investment Counsel is a financial advisor company specializing in investment management, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cash. Led by a team with over 90 years of combined experience, they offer personalized and diversified investment strategies to clients in New York, focusing on long-term wealth growth through strategic asset allocation and meticulous attention to detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What specialized services do high-net-worth advisors in New York offer to their clients?

High-net-worth advisors provide comprehensive wealth management, including investment strategies and risk assessment. They offer sophisticated estate planning services to preserve and transfer wealth efficiently, along with tax optimization strategies. This results in customized financial plans aligned with long-term financial goals.

How do high-net-worth advisors in New York typically charge for their services?

High-net-worth advisors offer flexible fee structures, often charging a percentage of assets under management (AUM). They may also provide hourly rates or flat fees, catering to clients' preferences and needs. The best advisors in New York maintain transparency in fee structures to ensure clear client understanding.

Can high-net-worth advisors in New York assist with international investments and offshore accounts?

Yes, these advisors generally possess expertise in managing international investments and offshore accounts, aiding clients in diversifying assets globally while complying with financial laws. They guide clients in selecting international investment opportunities and ensure compliance with U.S. and international regulations.

What strategies do high-net-worth advisors in New York employ to minimize tax liabilities for their clients?

These advisors typically use advanced tax planning strategies, such as tax-efficient portfolios and charitable giving, to minimize capital gains and income tax. Trust structures, like GRATs and FLPs, help reduce estate taxes while protecting family wealth. These strategies optimize overall tax situations and preserve more wealth for clients.

How can high-net-worth advisors in New York assist with philanthropic endeavors and charitable giving?

High-net-worth advisors help clients establish philanthropic endeavors through foundations and donor-advised funds. They identify tax-efficient ways to donate, ensuring charitable goals are met with maximum impact and tax benefits. These advisors offer guidance on grant-making, strategic planning, and managing philanthropic assets, aligning giving with clients' values and creating a lasting charitable legacy in New York and beyond.


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