Top Financial Advisors in Birmingham, Alabama

FinanceHQ’s team of experts conducted thorough research on financial advisors in Birmingham. Below are some of the top financial advisors based on reputation, reviews, assets, and partnership status. We review a broad range of financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and more. Our selection of the best financial advisors in Birmingham range from $280M to $6B in AUM, and have an average of 25 years of experience.

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Last Updated: November 30, 2023
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Waverly Advisors

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About Waverly Advisors

Birmingham, ALInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $5,775,807,497Total Number of Advisors: 45In Business Since: 1999

One of the top advisors in Birmingham, Waverly Advisors is a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm founded in 1999 and headquartered in the city. They specialize in private client services, family offices, institutional consulting, corporate retirement plans, tax planning, estate planning, risk management, and investment management. With a team of over 90 experts across multiple states, they provide comprehensive and collaborative expertise in investment, tax, estate, and financial planning while demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility.

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The Welch Group

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About The Welch Group

Birmingham, ALInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,522,233,225Total Number of Advisors: 22In Business Since: 1984

The Welch Group is a financial advisor company founded in 1984 and headquartered in Birmingham. They specialize in tax planning, investment strategies, estate planning, banking, and asset protection, serving clients in Birmingham and nationwide. As a fee-only firm, they prioritize client interests over sales, offer comprehensive financial planning services, and are dedicated to enriching the lives of their clients and the community.

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Bridgeworth Wealth Management

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About Bridgeworth Wealth Management

Birmingham, ALInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,016,498,230Total Number of Advisors: 12In Business Since: 2008

Bridgeworth Wealth Management, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Birmingham, is a financial advisor company specializing in financial planning, investment management, life transitions, and private client services. They pride themselves on providing personalized wealth management and guiding clients through critical moments in their lives. With over $2 billion in assets under management, a team of CFP professionals, and a fiduciary commitment, Bridgeworth is a trusted partner in shaping financial legacies for professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and emerging professionals as one of the best advisors in Birmingham.

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Southern financial group logo

Southern Financial Group

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About Southern Financial Group

Birmingham, ALInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $741,138,703Total Number of Advisors: 2

We chose Southern Financial Group as one of the top advisors in Birmingham because they are a well-established independent wealth management firm headquartered there. They specialize in comprehensive financial services, including investment management, financial planning, and insurance solutions. With a team of experienced professionals, they provide personalized financial plans that cater to clients' unique financial situations, risk tolerance, and long-term goals.

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Meld Financial

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About Meld Financial

Birmingham, ALInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $512,276,768Total Number of Advisors: 11In Business Since: 1986

Meld Financial is an established independent wealth management firm founded in 1986 and based in Birmingham. They specialize in retirement wealth management, financial planning, investments, tax efficiency, estate planning, risk management, and employee and executive benefits, providing tailored and customer-driven financial solutions to individuals, families, trusts, foundations, and institutions in the Birmingham area. With a dedicated team of professionals, Meld Financial offers comprehensive services and personalized financial plans guided by each client's unique "Financial Fingerprint."

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Mayfair Advisory Group

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About Mayfair Advisory Group

Birmingham, ALInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $280,492,611Total Number of Advisors: 3In Business Since: 2019

If you need a boutique advisor service, Mayfair Advisory Group serves people in Birmingham and specailizes in specialize in providing customized financial strategies and collaborative problem-solving for clients. Founded in 2019, this investment advisory and wealth planning firm acts as fiduciary advisors, meaning they prioritize clients' interests and work towards helping them achieve a secure financial future and a fulfilling life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there advisors in Birmingham that specialize in wealth management?

Absolutely, Birmingham boasts a diverse pool of financial advisors specializing in wealth management. Our platform connects you with experts tailored to your financial goals, offering a range of resources and tools to optimize your wealth strategy. Explore our network to find the ideal advisor for your unique needs in Birmingham.

How can a financial advisor in Birmingham help with retirement planning for public employees, such as teachers and state workers?

Financial advisors in Birmingham are well-versed in the unique retirement plans available to public employees in the state of Alabama. They can assist public employees in Birmingham maximize their retirement benefits, understand their pension options, and plan for a financially secure retirement.

What financial strategies can Birmingham residents employ to save for their children's education?

Birmingham financial advisors can recommend various college savings strategies, such as 529 plans, Coverdell ESAs, and custodial accounts. They help clients navigate Alabama's specific educational expenses and tuition costs, ensuring they make informed decisions to secure their children's future education.

How can a financial advisor in Birmingham assist with managing and reducing debt?

Birmingham financial advisors can help you create a personalized debt management plan that suits your financial situation. They can provide strategies to reduce debt, improve your credit score, and work with you to achieve a more stable financial future, even in challenging economic conditions.

Can a financial advisor in Birmingham help me navigate the unique insurance and healthcare landscape in Alabama?

Financial advisors in Birmingham are well-versed in the intricacies of health insurance and Medicare options available in Alabama. They can guide you in making informed decisions regarding health insurance, long-term care, and Medicare supplement plans, ensuring you have comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific needs and the local healthcare environment.


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