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FinanceHQ’s team of experts conducted thorough research on financial advisors in Chattanooga. Below are some of the top financial advisors based on reputation, reviews, assets, and partnership status. We review a broad range of financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and more. Our selection of the best financial advisors in Chattanooga range from $307M to $19B in AUM, and have an average of 21 years of experience.

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Last Updated: November 30, 2023
Savant wealth management

Savant Wealth Management

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About Savant Wealth Management

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $19,000,000,000Total Number of Advisors: 15In Business Since: 1986

Savant Wealth Management is a top financial advisor in Chattanooga due to its extensive experience since being founded in 1986 and its commitment to tailoring every financial decision to the client's best interests. With a wide range of specialties including comprehensive wealth management, investment management, and estate planning, Savant offers a holistic approach to financial guidance. As an independent and fee-only firm, they prioritize fiduciary responsibility and provide clients with trustworthy and ethical asset management.

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Facet wealth logo

Facet Wealth

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About Facet Wealth

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,078,080,181Total Number of Advisors: 300In Business Since: 2016

Facet Wealth is a top financial advisor in Chattanooga because they offer a wide range of services, including investments, taxes, benefits, financial planning, wealth management, insurance, college planning, real estate, career planning, and cash flow management. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Facet stands out for its innovative flat fee model that ensures objective guidance without the influence of commissions. With a dedicated team of seasoned financial experts and cutting-edge technology, Facet provides comprehensive and personalized financial solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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Patton albertson miller logo

Patton Albertson Miller Group, LLC

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About Patton Albertson Miller Group, LLC

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,040,237,031Total Number of Advisors: 14Number of Accounts: 1,485In Business Since: 2003

We chose Patton Albertson Miller Group, LLC as one of the top financial advisors in Chattanooga because they have been providing comprehensive wealth management services since 2003. In that time, they have assisted clients with specialties such as investment management, estate planning, tax planning, cash flow management, and risk management. With their focus on personalized solutions and commitment to understanding clients' unique needs and goals, they are able to effectively protect and grow clients' wealth.

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Hhm wealth advisors logo

HHM Wealth Advisors, LLC

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About HHM Wealth Advisors, LLC

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $918,307,608Total Number of Advisors: 11Number of Accounts: 2,615In Business Since: 1990

HHM Wealth Advisors, LLC stands out as a top financial advisor in Chattanooga due to their extensive experience and a deep bench of financial experts. Since its founding in 1990, HHM Wealth Advisors has been committed to building solid client-advisor relationships based on trust. With a team of highly qualified advisors holding industry credentials such as CFP, CPA, CFA, JD, and MBA, they go beyond selling investments by delving deep into each client's unique goals and situation for personalized solutions.

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The patten group logo

The Patten Group, Inc.

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About The Patten Group, Inc.

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $450,467,120Total Number of Advisors: 11Number of Accounts: 1,164In Business Since: 2014

The Patten Group, Inc. is one of the top financial advisors in Chattanooga due to their dedication to providing personalized attention and innovative technology to meet each client's unique needs. With their expertise in wealth management, investment management, financial planning, and consulting, they are able to tailor investment approaches specifically to their clients' goals and risk tolerance. Their wide range of services, including retirement accounts, trusts, and estate services — combined with regular portfolio monitoring and client meetings — make them a well-rounded choice for individuals seeking comprehensive financial guidance in Chattanooga.

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Acumen wealth advisors logo

Acumen Wealth Advisors, LLC

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About Acumen Wealth Advisors, LLC

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $338,530,770Total Number of Advisors: 10Number of Accounts: 225In Business Since: 2012

If you need a boutique advisor service, Acumen Wealth Advisors serves people in Chattanooga and is committed to protecting legacies, growing assets, and prioritizing client needs. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in the city, they work closely with clients in the area. Specializing in financial planning and investment management, Acumen employs a team approach that fosters strong client relationships through education, communication, and technology. Their commitment to comprehensive services and client interests make them a standout choice for individuals seeking trusted financial advice in Tennessee.

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Guardian wealth management logo

Guardian Wealth Management

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About Guardian Wealth Management

Chattanooga, TNInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $306,573,921Total Number of Advisors: 4Number of Accounts: 1,116In Business Since: 2002

Serving clients since 2002, Guardian Wealth Management is a top financial advisor in Chattanooga with a headquarters in the area. They specialize in comprehensive wealth management, focusing on values-based living and helping clients achieve their financial goals through a unique relationship coaching process. Their expertise in financial planning, wealth management, and investment management ensures clients receive personalized plans and portfolios to reach their long-term objectives while maintaining balance and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is having a financial plan during a divorce in Chattanooga essential?

Having a well-crafted financial plan during a divorce in Chattanooga is crucial for navigating the complexities of asset division, alimony, and financial independence. It empowers individuals to make informed decisions, provides a roadmap for rebuilding post-divorce, and ensures long-term financial stability. FinanceHQ connects you with resources, tools, and expert advice tailored to your unique situation, empowering you to proactively shape your financial future during this challenging time.

Is a Chattanooga-registered financial advisor allowed to work in other states?

Certainly! A financial advisor registered in Chattanooga can generally work with clients in other states, thanks to the North American Securities Administrators Association's (NASAA) initiative called the Uniform State Securities Act. However, advisors must comply with state-specific registration requirements, commonly through the SEC or state securities regulators, to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and regulations for each state they operate in. Always verify your advisor's credentials and licensing to guarantee compliance with relevant regulations in your specific location.

Are there advisors in Chattanooga that specialize in retirement planning?

Yes, in Chattanooga, you can find seasoned financial advisors specializing in retirement planning through our platform. Connect with professionals who offer personalized guidance, leveraging our resources and tools to secure your financial future. Explore expert advice tailored to your needs, ensuring a confident and informed approach to retirement planning.

Are there any exams in Chattanooga that financial advisors need to pass?

Certainly! In Chattanooga, financial advisors typically need to pass the Series 65 exam, administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), to legally offer investment advice. This exam ensures advisors possess the necessary knowledge and ethical standards. Use our top advisor pages to discover local advisors who have successfully cleared this hurdle, providing you with the expertise needed to navigate your financial journey confidently.

When is it time to seriously consider hiring a financial advisor in Chattanooga?

Consider hiring a financial advisor in Chattanooga when life events, such as marriage, retirement, or a significant career change, impact your financial goals. A skilled advisor can provide valuable guidance if managing investments, taxes, or complex financial decisions becomes overwhelming. Assess your comfort level with financial planning; if uncertain, consulting an advisor can streamline the path to achieving your long-term financial objectives.


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