Top Financial Advisors in Meridian, Idaho

FinanceHQ’s team of experts conducted thorough research on financial advisors in Meridian. Below are some of the top financial advisors based on reputation, reviews, assets, and partnership status. We review a broad range of financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and more. Our selection of the best financial advisors in Meridian range from $2B to $19B in AUM, and have an average of 23 years of experience.

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Last Updated: November 30, 2023
Savant wealth management

Savant Wealth Management

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About Savant Wealth Management

Meridian, IDInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $19,000,000,000Total Number of Advisors: 15In Business Since: 1986

Savant Wealth Management is a top financial advisor in Meridian due to its extensive experience since 1986, its client-centric approach, and its wide range of specialties including comprehensive wealth management, investment management, financial planning, estate planning, tax advisory, and more. As an independent and fee-only firm headquartered in Rockford, IL, but serving clients in Meridian, they offer trustworthy and ethical services that prioritize the best interests of their clients.

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Facet wealth logo

Facet Wealth

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About Facet Wealth

Meridian, IDInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,078,080,181Total Number of Advisors: 300In Business Since: 2016

Facet Wealth is a top financial advisor in Meridian, ID, because they offer a wide range of services, including investments, taxes, benefits, financial planning, wealth management, insurance, college planning, real estate, career planning, and cash flow management. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Facet has a dedicated team of experienced financial experts who provide objective guidance through their innovative flat fee model. Their focus on personalized financial solutions and transformative journey towards financial well-being sets them apart as a top choice for clients in Meridian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any exams in Meridian that financial advisors need to pass?

Yes, in Meridian, financial advisors typically need to pass the Series 65 exam, also known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination. This exam focuses on state securities regulations and ethical practices, ensuring advisors are well-equipped to provide sound financial advice. Successfully passing the Series 65 is a crucial step for advisors looking to guide individuals in planning their financial future in Meridian.

What common services do financial advisors in Meridian typically provide?

Financial advisors in Meridian offer a range of services tailored to individual needs, including retirement planning, investment guidance, and comprehensive financial analysis. These experts help clients navigate complex financial landscapes, providing personalized wealth accumulation and risk management strategies. From tax planning to estate planning, Meridian's financial advisors connect individuals with the resources and advice needed to secure a sound financial future.

How do financial advisors in Meridian get paid?

Financial advisors in Meridian typically earn compensation through a combination of fees and commissions. Fee-based advisors charge clients directly for their services, while commission-based advisors earn a percentage of the financial products they sell. It's essential to discuss compensation structures upfront to ensure transparency and align interests between the advisor and the individual seeking financial guidance.

Which kind of financial advisor in Meridian should you look for?

When seeking a financial advisor in Meridian, prioritize Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) for comprehensive expertise. Look for advisors with a fiduciary duty, ensuring they prioritize your financial well-being. Additionally, consider specialists aligned with your goals, whether retirement planning, investment strategies, or debt management.

What does it mean if your Meridian financial advisor has a “fiduciary duty” to you?

Your Meridian financial advisor's "fiduciary duty" signifies a commitment to prioritize your financial interests above their own. This legal and ethical obligation ensures that your advisor acts with utmost honesty and diligence, providing advice aligned with your best financial well-being. In essence, it establishes a relationship built on trust and transparency, assuring you that your advisor is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.


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