Top Financial Advisors in Denver, Colorado

FinanceHQ’s team of experts conducted thorough research on financial advisors in Denver. Below are some of the top financial advisors based on reputation, reviews, assets, and partnership status. We review a broad range of financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and more. Our selection of the best financial advisors in Denver range from $1B to $35B in AUM, and have an average of 23 years of experience.

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Last Updated: November 30, 2023
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Facet Wealth

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About Facet Wealth

Denver, COInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $2,078,080,181Total Number of Advisors: 300In Business Since: 2016

Founded in 2016 and based in Baltimore, MD, Facet Wealth is nonetheless one of the top financial advisors in Denver and nationwide. They specialize in a wide range of financial areas, including investments, taxes, benefits, financial planning, wealth management, insurance, college planning, real estate, career planning, and cash flow management. They work with clients in Denver and offer an all-encompassing approach to financial enrichment, providing comprehensive and personalized solutions to help individuals achieve financial well-being.

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Mercer Global Advisors Inc.

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About Mercer Global Advisors Inc.

Denver, COInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $35,141,673,366Total Number of Advisors: 400In Business Since: 1985

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Denver, Mercer Global Advisors Inc. is a comprehensive financial services firm specializing in financial planning, investment management, tax planning, estate planning, insurance solutions, trustee services, business retirement plans, and more. With a client-centric philosophy, Mercer Advisors connects clients with a dedicated team that includes a regional vice president, financial planner, wealth advisor, and client service specialist. These professionals collaborate to provide holistic financial solutions.

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GHP Investment Advisors Inc.

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About GHP Investment Advisors Inc.

Denver, COInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,984,694,368Total Number of Advisors: 16In Business Since: 1995

GHP Investment Advisors Inc. is a Denver-based wealth management firm founded in 1995. They specialize in financial planning, portfolio management, business advisory services, estate planning, education planning, tax planning, and risk management. As fiduciaries, they prioritize their clients' interests and aim to provide comprehensive and transparent financial solutions.

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Mount Yale Investment Advisors

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About Mount Yale Investment Advisors

Denver, COInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,862,454,467Total Number of Advisors: 21In Business Since: 1999

If you require a boutique advisor service, Mount Yale Investment Advisors serves people in Denver and specializes in wealth management, financial planning, fiduciary services, legacy planning, and custom financial strategies. As a Denver-based financial advisor company founded in 1999, they prioritize their clients' interests and offer fee-only advice, tailoring strategies to individual goals and risk tolerance.

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Regis Management

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About Regis Management

Denver, COInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,511,074,881Total Number of Advisors: 6In Business Since: 2000

Regis Management is a distinguished financial advisor company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Denver. They specialize in portfolio management, investment advisory, asset management, tax-efficient portfolio design, and customized portfolios. With a team of experienced professionals, Regis prioritizes long-term, valuation-based approaches to investment, emphasizing capital preservation and risk reduction while aligning their interests with their clients'.

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Srs capital advisors inc logo

SRS Capital Advisors, Inc.

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About SRS Capital Advisors, Inc.

Denver, COInvestment Advisor Firm
Assets Managed: $1,159,183,101Total Number of Advisors: 18In Business Since: 2012

We chose SRS Capital Advisors, Inc. as one of the best advisors in Denver due to their wealth planning solutions for high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. An independent registered investment advisor (RIA) founded in 2012, SRS specializes in tailoring investment strategies and advanced wealth planning solutions to its clients. The firm's holistic approach encompasses sophisticated asset management and comprehensive financial planning services, allowing them to offer their clientele a unique and all-encompassing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a regular financial planner in Denver?

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in Denver has undergone rigorous training and passed a comprehensive exam to obtain their certification. They are held to a high standard of ethics and are required to complete ongoing education. Regular financial planners may not have the same level of certification and may offer a more limited range of services. When seeking financial advice, consider working with a CFP for a more comprehensive and professional approach.

How can holistic financial planning be beneficial for individuals and families in Denver?

Holistic financial planning in Denver takes a comprehensive approach to your financial well-being. It considers not only your investments but also your financial goals, tax strategies, estate planning, and risk management. This approach helps you achieve a more well-rounded and personalized financial plan that aligns with your specific needs and aspirations.

What are the usual services being offered by the top financial advisors in Denver?

Financial advisors in Denver offer a wide range of services, including investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax optimization, risk management, and education funding. They work closely with clients to create customized financial strategies to help them achieve their goals and secure their future.

Can a financial advisor in Denver help me with my income tax preparation?

Yes, many financial advisors in Denver offer income tax preparation services or collaborate with tax professionals. They can help you optimize your tax strategy, maximize deductions, and ensure that your investments are tax-efficient. However, it's essential to confirm with your financial advisor if they provide this service or work in conjunction with tax professionals to meet your tax-related needs.

Is there a minimum investment requirement to work with a financial advisor in Denver?

The minimum investment requirement varies among financial advisors in Denver. Some may have a minimum investment threshold, while others may not. It's essential to inquire about this when considering a financial advisor to ensure they align with your financial goals and resources.


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